Living in Thailand

Living in Thailand

If you are thinking of living or retirement in Thailand then consider the options of where you would want to live. Many prefer the seaside resort of Pattaya as it has a party atmosphere all the time. Other prefer to

Law firms in thailand

Lawyers in Thailand – Thai Lawyer

Finding a lawyer in Thailand is not easy if you have not lived in Thailand or have regular contact with expats in Thailand. Below are locations of trusted law firms you can try. Office locations in Thailand Bangkok Interchange 21

Buying a boat in Thailand

If I had a dime each person wanted to know about buying a boat I would be a millionaire. This question always comes to the fore in Pattaya and in Phuket as a business venture idea. Many expats decide that

Getting Divorced in Thailand

Getting Divorced in Thailand

Getting divorced in Thailand is straight forward unless there is a property dispute or a dispute relating to the children. This is where you need a divorce lawyer as the process will become complex. If both parties agree that they

Moving to Thailand – Thailand Imports

When you retire in Thailand you are allowed to bring in your personal effects from your home country. There are time limits to bring in your goods duty free.  Retirement starts with good arrangements and assistance. The following list is

Having children in Thailand

Many expats in Thailand tend to wonder what the status of their children will be if they marry a Thai. Does the child become a Thai citizen and how does the  birth registration work. Even if you are not married