Getting Divorced in Thailand

November 30, 2012

Thai Laws

Getting Divorced in Thailand

Getting divorced in Thailand is straight forward unless there is a property dispute or a dispute relating to the children. This is where you need a divorce lawyer as the process will become complex. If both parties agree that they wish to divorce then they simply need to file the forms at the local government office. If there are children there a forms which need to be filled in with the application for a divorce. No courts are needed when both parties agree on settlement however when property is involved or children more often than not they end up on the court role. The justice system in Thailand is slow and complex and it is best to have an attorney with you as the proceedings will be in Thai.


If you are not in Thailand and your wife has petitioned the court you can file your objection from outside Thailand however you will need to appear in court when called to do so. Speak to one of our divorce lawyers as how to best deal with your divorce and how the division of property would normally occur. If you have a prenuptial agreement you will also need this during the divorce proceedings. Speak to one of our lawyers online, in person or via our toll-free US or UK telephone numbers.

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