Preparing a Prenuptial Agreement in Thailand

If you and your partner plan to marry in Thailand, you should draft a Prenuptial Agreement. This legal document specifies how you will divide your assets and liabilities during the marriage. It is a legal document that must be signed before two witnesses and registered at the same time as your marriage. To protect your interests, you should have a lawyer review your agreement before signing. In Thailand, it is common for a prenup to contain no restrictions on child support or property.

Prenuptial Agreement Between Parties

In Thailand, the Civil and Commercial Code contains a section that regulates prenuptial agreements. In order to be enforceable, the agreement must be signed by both parties and witnessed by at least two witnesses. Once it is signed, it must be registered at the same local district office as the Thai marriage registration. This way, if either party decides to divorce before the prenup is completed, the prenup will be registered. The document cannot be changed after the Thai marriage registration.

As a Legal Document

A Prenuptial Agreement is a legal contract between two parties prior to the wedding. It is not enforceable in Thailand if the wife files for divorce due to the husband’s infidelity. Thailand’s Civil and Commercial Code outlines the rules for this document. Basically, it states that it cannot be altered after the wedding without the court’s consent. Thai law also requires that any spouse who is underage must obtain the consent of his or her parents, guardians or legal representative. The agreement specifies the debts of both parties. In Thailand, for instance, a husband’s debt will be personal, while his wife’s debt will be business-related.

Conditions of Prenuptial Agreement

It must be signed in front of 2 witnesses

In Thailand, a Thai prenuptial agreement must be signed in front two witnesses. The agreement must be related to property laws, including the Thai property system. It cannot include terms relating to the custodian, divorce, or the infatuation of one of the parties. A Thai family law lawyer can help you draft the agreement and make sure it is valid in Thailand.

It must be registered at the same time as the marriage

If both parties are willing to sign a Thai prenuptial agreement, it must be registered at the same time as the wedding. In Thailand, a prenup is legally binding and cannot be altered after the marriage. In addition, it cannot affect the rights of third parties, provided they act in good faith. If you are planning to marry in Thailand, you should consult with a family lawyer.

It should be drafted by a licensed competent legal professional

In Thailand, the Thai Prenuptial Agreement is a legal document that protects the personal property of each spouse during the marriage. It prevents unnecessary disputes about who owns certain items. A Thai prenuptial agreement in Thailand will also protect your personal property rights in case you divorce. It serves as legal evidence that you brought your personal property to marriage and what you’re entitled to.

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