Company Registration in Thailand

If you’re thinking of starting a business in Thailand, you’ve probably heard of the steps and requirements for Company Registration. But what about minimum capital requirements? How much money does it cost? How much does company registration in Thailand really cost? And what are the forms required? Read on to find out! Also, get an overview of the process in this article. There are also answers to some common questions about company registration in Thailand. We’ll explore those questions as well as the cost involved.

Forms of company registration in Thailand

The forms of company registration in Thailand include an application form, shareholder list, director forms signed by the directors, and a Declaration of Business Operation form. The company’s stamp acts as its signature for all business activities, and it will also provide a taxpayer identification number. As part of the Treaty of Amity, US companies are allowed to hold a majority of the shares in a Thai company. After company formation, the director must meet with the Department of Business Development to discuss all documents and sign them.

The Memorandum of Association is another important document to complete during the company registration process. This document specifies the name and address of the company, and the objectives and capital to register. It must also specify how many shares of the company are issued and how much each share is worth. There must be at least three promoters of the company to complete the process. A special form is available at the registrar for registering the Memorandum of Association.

Minimum capital requirements for company registration in Thailand

For a foreign business to be able to conduct the reserved business in Thailand, it must have a Foreign Business License. For this to happen, the branch office must apply for this license, which will be granted after it has fulfilled all the requirements and received approval from the government. The capital required for the registration of a foreign branch office must be greater than the average annual operating costs of the company over three years. In addition, the capital must be at least 3 million baht.

The capital requirement for a Thai company depends on the purpose of the company, but it is generally two million baht. Each additional work permit requires another two million baht in registered capital. Depending on the type of company, the minimum capital may vary. A majority-owned Thai company will need at least three million baht of capital. The same is true for manufacturing and sourcing companies. Alternatively, a company with limited activities must have at least 100,000 baht of capital in order to register with the government. However, many banks do not open accounts for companies with less than this amount.

Cost of company registration in Thailand

The total cost of company registration in Thailand is about 25,000 THB. The minimum capital required to a company registration in Thailand is Baht 5 per share. If the company has three shareholders, it will cost around Baht 15 per share. No matter the capital amount, the government fee to register a company is the same. You can also register a private company with a minimum paid-up capital of 25% or with a fully paid-up capital of 100%.

In Thailand, it is mandatory for promoters to own a minimum of one share. If they don’t wish to be shareholders, they may transfer their shares to other parties. This particularity is only applicable in Thailand. When registering a Thai company, you must supply at least three possible names for the company. However, if the chosen name is already used or is inappropriate, the registrar has the right to reject it.

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