Buying a boat in Thailand

If I had a dime each person wanted to know about buying a boat I would be a millionaire. This question always comes to the fore in Pattaya and in Phuket as a business venture idea. Many expats decide that they want to start a business. There a different types of businesses which can be registered. The most common being the Thai limited company. The business of boats are however another issue. Normally a foreigner may only own a boat for the purposes of recreation and not as a commercial venture. So yes, you can have your Thai registered boat, but not for your business. Now this is when it becomes a little bit complicated.

Owning a boat for a commercial venture however needs to have 70% Thai partners and foreigners can own the other 30%.  Not like a normal Thai business now is it? The rules do change from time to time and it is best to speak to any of our lawyers in Thailand either in Phuket, Pattaya, Hua Hin, Bangkok and even in Chiang Mai and Samui. Owning a boat in Thailand is a great idea, however the legal implications with regards to generating money with it is another issue all together.  Speak to us today, either online, via our toll-free US or UK telephone numbers or visit any of our friendly office in Thailand. We are always here to provide you with cost effective solutions for your business venture in Thailand.

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