Living in Thailand

Living in ThailandIf you are thinking of living or retirement in Thailand then consider the options of where you would want to live. Many prefer the seaside resort of Pattaya as it has a party atmosphere all the time. Other prefer to move to Isaan and live with their Thai wife and family while those with a better pension fund prefer Phuket. Each location in Thailand has its own character. You decide what it is that you want out of your retirement and choose a city in Thailand from there. Thailand has it all!

Here are a few things to consider:

1. Do you want to rent or buy your condo unit. Most prefer to rent as there is an option to move away if you do not like the area. Others rent for 5 years with an option to buy after the 5 year period. This way they can decide if they like the area and wish to live there for the next 10+ years while in Thailand. If you are buying a condo unit then speak to a lawyer in Thailand for help as fraud can be a major problem.If you are married to a Thai and you bought a house in her name then ensure that you have a usufruct over the property in the event of a divorce. Since you cannot own the house or land in Thailand she may simply show you the door. The usufruct gives you bargaining power if you ever end in a divorce.

2. Healthcare in Thailand is very good and very reasonable. Now remember that cash is king. Medical aids normally do not settle with the hospitals and you would first have to pay then claim from the medical. Even the local insurance companies do not settle directly. You need to take the paid account to them and they will issue you with cash while you wait. ThaiLife does this and you normally wait an hour at their offices to get your money back from the hospital account which you paid.

3. Getting married normally happens in Thailand and you would normally be asked for a dowry in Thailand. Many times this can be a ridicules amount of money and normally a local middle class Thai would be able to tell you what is the appropriate amount to give to the parents. Anything over what is normal would make you look like a cash cow and create more problems down the line. Also ensure that you have a will and testament and it is also ways best to get a prenuptial agreement if you have money or investments in your home country.

If you are retiring in Thailand then the lawyer who did your Thai visa will normally be able to give you solid advice as to what to expect from your new found country, how best to live in Thailand and above all how not to loose your head or your retirement package while in Thailand. Call us today or speak to us online fro more information.

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